SD Station 19 "Ride the Rooster" Tee

Fire City

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Located on a ridiculously Large One Acre Lot, this Old Single Crew Station has been affectionately Dubbed “Fire City”. Serving the Hard Working Citizens in SouthEast San Diego and constantly having to chase stray Chickens from the property, these Firefighters know two things; Fire and Ridin’ the Rooster! Since Rest is Rare in these parts and Early Morning Rooster Calls are Standard, seemed like they only had one option for a Tee. The Rooster Tee! The Brigade has managed to stock these Clucking Black Tee’s but there is rumor of more colors in stock at this Fire House, but since these Rooster Riding Fire Cocks are always on the road Reigning in Ripper City We can never get a good look at the color options, Standby For more….