Mando Van (Long Sleeve Tee)

SD Fire Brigade


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The Original Brigade MANDO VAN Tee, lurking in every Fire Brigade is a Van very few of us have the courage to speak of, it lurks in the shadows and appears early in the mornings. It's rumored to be operated by STAFFING, but no one is really sure. The Van will grab Firefighters before they even realize they and been Mando'd and force them to work multiple shifts. It's never fully satisfied...

The Brigade has a variety of different styles and designs, check out the New Long Sleeve Van Tee with a Sneaky "Mando City' printed down the left arm."Transfers Not Complete' is printed on the back, as this is what the Mando Van whispers in your ear before it grabs you.

These are "Next Level" Tee's. This brand of tees is durable, wrinkle resistant and is the most comfortable fit on the market. Tighter in the arms and loose in the mid section.