Mando Mouse Pad

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Just because we run from Staffing and make constant jokes about them doesn’t mean we don’t support our Brothers and Sisters in the Nicely Air Conditioned, No Call Running Stations. Because Constantly Clicking that MANDO button on the staffing cheap City Computer Mouses causes strains on the body us Fire Slayers will never truly understand. The Brigade has graciously designed this MANDO VAN MOUSE PAD to cuddle those Staffer Fingers into a world of comfort and stability only they will truly appreciate. This PAD is Dual function, as it can also handle dispatchers with multiple calls incoming and passive aggressive Low Volume Captain’s constantly asking for PD ETA’s and Passer by Call Backs. As you click with annoyance into that Dispatch button, rest your overworked hands on this smooth silky MANDO VAN MOUSE PAD designed specific for the unspoken Heroes of the Fire Service. Stay Strong Fam!